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Nips reunion

Before he had the flash of brilliance to blend traditional Irish music with punk’s snotty middle finger in The Pogues and blossomed into one of the greatest songwriters of the late 80′s Shane MacGowan fronted The Nipple Erectors, a reckless and unflinching band even by circa 1977 British punk standards. Shane was a fixture of the Sex Pistols scene. If you’re watching any documentary about that period (particularly the highly recommended “The Filth And The Fury”) and see a shot of the crowd at those seminal punk gigs be patient, it’s only a matter of time before he comes pogo-ing into the frame.

Well just a few weeks ago those very Nipple Erectors (shortened to Nips following the release of their first single) reunited for their first show in close to 30 odd years at the legendary 100 Club as a surprise guest supporting The Cute Lepers and Johnny Moped. The following videos provide an interesting before and after study.

The Nips at the 100 Club May 6, 2008

Compare that with this vid from German TV circa 1978

There are a couple more dates (and a whole bunch of songs) on The Nips myspace page but Shane does not appear to be participating.

Two long out of print singles that appeared on the defunct Chiswick label:

King Of The Bop


Win a pair of tickets to Totimoshi @ the Hemlock Tavern

File this under “I’ve been living under a rock”. How has this incredible Oaktown band managed to fly under my radar for more than ten years!? Their fifth album, Milagrosa, continues their patent blend of stoner rock, punk, and metal with a nod toward their Latin heritage.

Sound The Horn

The blistering opening track from Milagrosa is a perfect example of how effortlessly the band shifts from blazing, tight riffage to moody late 70′s drama metal and back without missing a beat.

Singer/guitarist Tony Aguilar explains the thinking behind the band’s first conceptual record: “I wrote most of the songs as an imaginary fight between love/compassion and hate/violence. I wanted to relay the stories as one choice versus the other both in the lyrics and melody, like on the song ‘Milagroso,’ where I say ‘the fields of hate that turn our fate the putrid stench the violence at hand/decisions towards compassion to be made by each and every hand’”. Sounds like something I’ve been looking for lately… They also appear to have finally put an end to the Spinal Tap parade of drummers.

The new record, produced by Page Hamilton of Helmet, comes out July 8.

Titomoshi is playing at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco on the 21st with fellow locals Grayceon Hurry Up Shotgun. I have a pair of tickets for the first person to email me at with the English translation of their new record’s title.

Tour dates:
8 July: San Francisco- *Record release @ 12 Galaxies w/ Big Business & Triclops
25 July: San Francisco- Benders w/ Hail Satan
5 August: Tempe, AZ – the Sets w/ Nebula
6 August: Albuquerque,NM – Ralli’s 4th St. Pub w/ Nebula
8 August: Austin, TX – Red 7 w/ Nebula
9 August: Dallas, TX – Granada Theatre w/ Nebula
10 August: Houston, TX – Rudyards Beer Bar w/ Nebula
12 August: New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks w/ Nebula
13 August: Birmingham, AL – the Nick w/ Nebula
14 August: Jacksonville, FL – Landshark Cafe w/ Nebula
15 August: Orlando, FL – Backbooth w/ Nebula
18 August: Atlanta, GA – Smith’s Olde Bar w/ Nebula
19 August: Wilmington, NC – Soapbox w/ Nebula
20 August: Virginia Beach, VA – Jewish Mother w/ Nebula
21 August: Washington DC – Black Cat w/ Nebula
22 August: Philadelphia, PA – the Khyber w/ Nebula
23 August: Baltimore, MD – Otto Bar w/ Nebula
24 August: Boston, MA – Church of Boston w/ Nebula
25 August: NYC, NY – Knitting Factory w/ Nebula
27 August: Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop w/ Nebula
28 August: Lansing, MI – Mac’s w/ Nebula
29 August: Columbus, OH – Ravari Room w/ Nebula
30 August: Chicago, IL – Reggie’s w/ Nebula
1 September: Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon w/ Nebula
6 September: Portland, OR – Ash St. Saloon w/ Nebula
10 September: Hollywood, CA – Viper Room w/ Nebula
11 September: Long Beach, CA – Alex’s Bar w/ Nebula

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