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Blitzen Trapper live on KALX



BT was kind enough to stop by my show on KALX in Berkeley last week and get their peace & quiet on. You know I was stoked since their latest record was my number one for 2008. We got three tunes peppered through some banter I’ll try and get up as soon as I get it edited so I don’t come off a dufus. Standing in the cramped air studio while they did “Sleepy Time…” a capella was just amazing. Check ‘em out:

Sleepy Time In The Western World

Lady On The Water

Stolen Shoes + A Rifle

Here’s a bonus from their show at The Independent back in December:

The Gambler/The Last Thing On My Mind

An hilarious stab at Kenny Rogers and a gorgeous Tom Paxton cover. The whole show is up at the Internet Archive.


Happy 4/20

Weed With Willie – Toby Keith


New music: Leonard Cohen, Superchunk, King Kahn & The Shrines

Live In LondonLeonard Cohen – Live In London

Leonard Cohen’s playing the Paramount Theater in Oakland tonight and I’m not there. So sad. Particularly after hearing this piece of stone f-ing genius! A terrible thing to say I’m glad Cohen’s’ business manager stole his entire life savings but if he hadn’t LC wouldn’t have embarked on his first tour in over 15 years and thus produce this AMAZING live record. Few would blame him for phoning this in but he delivers classic songs from throughout  his 40 year career with a passion and bravura that’s nothing short of dazzling and the arrangements are fleshed out masterfully by his backing band. Definitely one for my 10 best for ’09.  I stuck the DVD of his performance at the O2 arena last year in my netflix que so I can torture myself even further for missing him tonight. Here’s a taste of what those lucky few there are enjoying:

The Future

Tower Of Song

Live In London is out now on Columbia


Superchunk – Leaves In The Gutter

I was very pleasantly surprised by the first new material in almost 8 years from this  quintessential 90′s DIY indie rock band. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about artists trying new things and challenging themselves creatively but the experimentation and stylistic searching of their last couple of albums didn’t keep me buying. Well that is left behind in a dust of blazing riffs, killer hooks and passionate vocals that were their late 90’s trademark. The five songs on this EP were written over the last couple of years during rehearsals for the odd festival or benefit gig and the band felt the need to clear the decks and start fresh when they record their new full length due this fall.

Knock Knock Knock

Learned To Surf

Leaves In The Gutter came out last Tuesday (on Merge Records, of course). Buy it here.

King Khan And The ShrinesKing Khan & The Shrines – What Is?!

OK, it came out in Germany in ’07, but KK & The Shrines’ third record is finally out in the US. Another sonic blast of low-fi Stax soul-meets-punk and Nuggets-era garage rock featuring several great tracks that didn’t make last year’s KALX chart dominating best of collection The Supreme Genius of…

What Is?! is out in the US April 21st on Vice Records.  King Khan & The Shrines play The Great American Music Hall May 28.

Land Of The Freak

In Your Grave


opening day mix


So I’m in a great mood. Spring is in the air. The cherry blossoms are out. Those so familiar voices are coming out of that cheap little transistor in the kitchen telling me what’s going on in the ballpark. My Giants win their home opener, small thanks to our Cy Young winner (that was a little scary, no?). And to top off the afternoon my son pitched well in his little league game. Great way to start the regular season. So why not some baseball tunes?

America’s Favorite PastimeTodd Snider

From his upcoming album The Excitement Plan comes a track  chronicling Dock Ellis’ legendary LSD-enhanced no hitter. The Excitement Plan comes out June 9th.

Dock EllisSF Seals

Yet another song about Doc’s psychedelic no-hitter from  an SF alt. rock band that morphed out of the ashes of World of Pooh with members Barbara Manning (28th Day), Melanie Clarin (Catheads) and Kim Osterwald. This is from their ’93 EP The Baseball Trilogy.

Take Me Out To The BallgameDr. John

From the soundtrack to Ken Burn’s definitive documentary. Great collection of classic radio calls as well as some fantastic music.

Empty Baseball ParkWhiskeytown

From their staggering 1996 debut Faithless Street. This just sounds like a lazy summer afternoon when you’re the last kid who wants to keep playing.

Baseball CantoLawrence Ferlinghetti

A poem from a collection called Live At The Poetry Center. Plus a little intro by Bob Dylan. A must for any Giants fan.

April To OctoberReckless Kelly

An ode to the greatest journey in sports from last year’s Bulletproof.

Harvey HaddixThe Baseball Project

From last year’s self titled debut by an outfit put together by veteran rockers and fellow baseball fanatics Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate) and Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows) with Peter Buck (REM) along for the ride. This one sings the praises of a criminally unappreciated hurler.

3rd Base, Dodger StadiumRy Cooder

From his 2005 album Chavez Ravine, a deeply heartfelt document of a Mexican-American neighborhood in Los Angeles that disappeared overnight in a sleazy deal to lure Walter O’Malley’s Dodgers to Southern California.

To get all of it in a zip file right click here: Opening Day Mix zipped


Mashup Monday

Best Of Bootie '08

Haven’t posted a Monday mashup in way too long. Perfect excusse to stop by and visit our good friends at Bootie SF, America’s first ever regular mashup dance night curated by DJ’s Adrian & the Mysterious D. Go homies! The duo have also released their annual Best Of featuring the hip shakinest, head banginest grooves from around the globe. There’s ComaR out of Paris stuffing the Jackson 5 into a Justice jam, Munich’s DJ Y Alias JY crashes Duffy into the Doobie Brothers plus several local folks like SF’s Earworm shoving Beyoncé up against Tom Petty. Such great stuff that there’s a full 13 bonus tracks that didn’t make the cut. My favorite of the bonus tracks is this hard chugger by LA’s The Illuminoids.

Get It On At Le Disko (T. Rex vs. Shiny Toy Guns)

My favorite of the regular tracks so far is local DJ Earworm. Not sure if it’s the best musically but the sample list is plain crazy.

No More Gas (Rihanna vs. Kardinal Offishall vs. Akon vs. Ne-Yo vs. Estelle vs. Pussycat Dolls vs. Leona Lewis vs. Danity Kane vs. Madonna vs. Timbaland vs. Justin Timberlake vs. Lupe Fiasco vs. Matthew Santos vs. Britney Spears vs. Flo-Rida vs. T-Pain)

You can score it all right here or by clicking on the cover above.

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