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Elvis Perkins benfit CD release for Seeger’s Clearwater Organization

From Elvis Perkins’ website:

Hi Friends,

We’re excited to announce a special early release of our new album, Elvis Perkins In Dearland!
With the help of our friends at Amie Street, we are releasing the album a week early for only $8.
When you purchase the album, $2 will be donated to Clearwater, an organization founded by Pete Seeger that’s dedicated to protecting, restoring and celebrating the Hudson River. Clearwater is one of the very best environmental education and advocacy organizations in the country.

Click here to purchase the new album. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for supporting this excellent organization!

Elvis, Brigham, Nick and Wyndham

You gotta at least head over there and grab the free download of “Shampoo,”┬áprobably my favorite track off Elvis Perkins In Dearland. But don’t take my word for it, check out the video:

Elvis Perkins In Dearland plays the Cafe Du Nord tomorrow night


Avett Brothers video/Fillmore shows in May

I’ve been an avid Avett Brothers fan ever since Emotionalism made my Best of 2007 list but sinister forces have conspired to prevent me from catching their live show, which I hear is spectacular. That will certainly change when they play the Fillmore two nights in May (Friday the 15th & Saturday the 16th). Rumor has it Magnolia Electric Co. will be opening. What a night of alt-folk bliss! Tickets go on sale this Sunday @ 10 AM. The video below comes from a nifty little corner of Bruce Springsteen’s website called Hangin’ Out On E Street where an eclectic assortment of folks (Ted Leo, Wylcef Jean & Birdmonster to name a few) present their take on the Boss and wax reverent about his influence on their careers. Guess whoever’s in charge was unaware that Sleater-Kinney used to do a rippin’ cover of “Promised Land.” God I miss those ladies…

I love how the stock clerks rockin’ the storeroom look fits perfectly with Bruce’s blue collar oeuvre. How much fun would it be to jump behind that drum kit?

More tour dates at the Avett’s website.


Fairytale of New York

The greatest Christmas song ever.


Bing meets Bowie

I almost feel like I created this blog for the sole purpose of posting this video. One of my all time favorite Christmas television moments is one of the most surreal pairings in TV history. A thirty year old David Bowie duets with Bing Crosby on September 11, 1977, just over a month before Crosby would pass away. I have a clear memory of seeing this when it first aired (on 11/30/77) and feeling really strange about watching who had died a few weeks earlier. So here in my first ever Christmas themed entry, “Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth,” for you:


Ferrante & Teicher: African Echoes

Hard to imagine these two fellas as being avant-garde or on the cutting edge of anything besides a motel lounge nightmare or perhaps guest judging Project Runway. And yes, the second half of their career saw Ferrante & Teicher going the mersh route and spiraling down an easy listening, creativity sucking drain. Laughed all the way to the bank too, they did. But yet, in the early 1950′s these dudes brought the prepared piano of John Cage into the plush lined, afro/tiki decorated parlors of middle America.

The video below looks like it was filmed much later than 1955 when Soundproof caused folks to doubt that the sounds on it could be produced by just two pianos. But by tossing sandpaper, sticks, rubber, wood blocks, metal bars, chains, glass, mallets, and other found objects on piano string beds they produced sounds startlingly close to moogs before they were even invented.

As Mike Burma of Brow Beat (thanks for turning me on to it) points out, Being able to see both their hands in the split screen brings home how impressive a composition it is:


Blitzen Trapper Independent setlist & video

Tuesday night at the Independent Portland’s Blitzen Trapper graced our fair corner of the world with the best live performance of the year in these parts for a mere $12. They did over two thirds of my favorite album of the year so the rest was gravy, and what gravy! “Country Caravan”, about their hometown of Portland, was delivered with the kind of emotion only homesick fellas near the end of a grueling tour can muster. “Last Thing On My Mind” brought tears, “Black River Killer” was haunting as hell. The whole night was just amazing, and the hospitality of drummer Brian behind the merch booth was icing on top of gravy. Enjoy a couple of videos from that night (with many thanks to atomjack). I must of been ten feet to his right tops.


and Wild Mountain Nation

The setlist (also thanks to atomjack):

Sleepytime in the Western World
Fire & Fast Bullets
God and Suicide
Saturday Nite
Black River Killer
Country Caravan
Gold For Bread
Love U
Echo/Always On/Easy Con
Summer Town
Wild Mountain Nation
Not Your Lover
Devil’s a-go-go
The Gambler (a hillarious partial cover of the Kenny Rogers song)
Last Thing On My Mind
Miss Spiritual Tramp

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