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Happy Veteran’s Day

Merle Travis with Montgomery Clift on trumpet


RIP: Yma Sumac

The Queen of Peruvian exotica passed away Saturday morning. An amazing 5 octave vocal range and a presence shrouded in as much myth as Machu Picchu will be missed. Here’s a couple of tracks to ease the crunch of election tension.

Cha Cha Gitano

From the 1954 LP Mambo! arranged by Billy May. Her second release tapping into of the mambo craze of the tiki party decade.

Let Me Hear You

From Miracles, the rock cross over attempt helmed by Les Baxter in 1972.

And finally this crazy video of ‘Chuncho (The Forest Creatures)’, from her first and best known Voice of the Xtabay.


Bollywood for Barak

A while back I posted a bunch of songs to convince folks to vote.

Now a little video to throw in the mix:

Now get out & vote dammit! If you aren’t registered to vote you’ve still a couple days left. October 20 is the deadline for mail in registration in California. Click here for a registration form. Lots of national voter info here.


RIP: Alton Ellis

Jamaican music icon and Rocksteady Godfather Alton Ellis passed away at the Hammersmith Hospital Friday night at the age of 70 following a protracted battle with lymphatic cancer.  The father of Lovers Rock was experiencing a well deserved career resurgence until collapsing at London’s 100 Club back in August.  A better tribute than I could possibly manage is penned by Laurence Cane-Honeysett at the Trojan Records website.


I’m Still In Love


The best stage invasion video EVER

By now many of you’ve probably already checked out the video of that crazy guy shoving Noel Gallagher to the ground near the end of Oasis’ set in Toronto a couple weeks ago. If not check it out here (be warned, you have wade through a minute and a half of “Morning Glory” first). I’m sure many of us have felt like doing the same at some point but you’ve gotta give kudos to Noel for coming back and playing six more numbers with a pair of broken ribs. Brother Liam appears to think better of delivering a haymaker to the intruder’s kisser which brought to mind one of the best stage invasion videos I’ve ever seen. Just don’t f*@k with Keefus is all I have to say:

Check out NME’s marvelouse When Fan’s Attack blog entry for more (yes the Jeff Tweedy incident is in there too).


new single from The Last Shadow Puppets

The Last Shadow Puppets are a collaboration between Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and Miles Kane (Little Flames, Rascals). Discovering a shared appreciation of early Bowie the two devised an ambitious take on 60′s symphonic-pop whose best moments bring to mind Love meets The Yardbirds with Enio Morricone and John Barry flourishes without sounding pretentious (despite the presence of 22-piece London Metropolitan Orchestra). At it’s worst it sounds like the Arctics with strings, still an interesting proposition. To his credit Turner retains his boyish, angry young Brit vocal style rather than trying to mime early Scott Walker. The second single from their fabulous debut, The Age Of The Understatement, features 2 non-album tracks. My favorite of the two, “Hang The Cyst”, has a nifty psych guitar freakout tacked onto the end that stretches it to twice the length of anything else they’ve recorded so far.

Give it a listen:

Hang The Cyst

Check out a live video of “Standing Next to Me”

You can find more live & promo videos here.

The next single, “My Mistakes Were Made For You” will be out October 20th and will feature an exclusive live orchestrated version of the band’s “Separate And Ever Deadly” plus live cover versions of the Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra classic ‘Paris Summer’ and the Burt Bacharach penned, Love covered ‘My Little Red Book’.

My Mistakes Were Made For You

All this fabulous music is available on Domino Records.

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