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Blitzen Trapper live on KALX



BT was kind enough to stop by my show on KALX in Berkeley last week and get their peace & quiet on. You know I was stoked since their latest record was my number one for 2008. We got three tunes peppered through some banter I’ll try and get up as soon as I get it edited so I don’t come off a dufus. Standing in the cramped air studio while they did “Sleepy Time…” a capella was just amazing. Check ‘em out:

Sleepy Time In The Western World

Lady On The Water

Stolen Shoes + A Rifle

Here’s a bonus from their show at The Independent back in December:

The Gambler/The Last Thing On My Mind

An hilarious stab at Kenny Rogers and a gorgeous Tom Paxton cover. The whole show is up at the Internet Archive.


Dave Gleason Acoustic Set on KALX

Dave Gleason and his band the Wasted Days have been a shining example of what the Bay Area country music scene has to offer for over seven years and three fine albums. I love how they apply a hard rock sensibility to their particularly twangy blend of Bakersfield honky tonk and Gram Parsons style California country rock then infuse it with enough outlaw attitude to make Waylon Jennings and David Allen Coe proud. Dave stopped by KALX during my show last Thursday to shoot the breeze and play a couple of tunes. I won’t bore you by posting our idle chatter but the songs are damn fine. Enjoy:

The Blue Side Of The World Brand spankin’ new tune
The Good’s Been Gone A beautifully spare rendition of a song that appeared on his last record Just Fall To Pieces (right, click the picture to buy it)
The Last Fool At The Bar A real cry in your beer heart breaker penned by Mike Stinson, the king of L.A.’s neo honky-tonk scene

To hear what Dave sounds like with a full band check out his myspace page.

Dave Gleason’s Wasted Days are doing a couple of Bay Area shows in March. For a beer soaked good time check him out here:

Thursday, March 13th at the Sweetwater Sation in Larkspur w/ East Bay country outfit Red Meat
Saturday, March 15th at The Starry Plough in Berkeley w/ Johnny Dilks

Catch me on KALX in Berkeley

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Quick note about the tunes

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