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Death To Los Campesinos!Los Campesinos!

Hold On Now, Youngster…, the stellar full length debut from this Welsh septet will be released in North America April 1st on Canada’s Arts & Crafts records. Their frenetic indie rock mixes Broken Social Scene’s “everyone we know who sings or plays is in the band” aesthetic, Art Brut’s snotty punk pop attitude, Arctic Monkey’s insanely wordy social observation and Architecture in Helsinki’s eclectic instrumentation with great male/female vocal interplay. Click on the cover to pre-order a deluxe edition from Insound.

KALX is co-announcing their show at Bimbo’s June 6 so tune in towards the end of May for free tickets. Los Campesinos! on myspace

That Man I ShotDrive-By Truckers

One of the more chilling songs about war I’ve ever heard, inspired by a backstage conversation between Patterson Hood and some Gulf war vets. Brighter Than Creation’s Dark maintains the high octane rocking and quality songcraft we’ve come to expect from these Athens, GA folks despite the departure of guitarist and third songwriter Jason Isbell. The legendary Spooner Oldham sits in on keys throughout and bassist Shonna Tucker contributes some fine songs to fill the absence left by her now ex-husband Isbell.

Paper SwitchbladeTommy Guerrero

Record number eight from this Bay Area skate legend proves he’s still an unstoppable groove machine. Return Of The Bastard is
the perfect soundtrack to those slow summer cruises with the top down. These killer funk, deep soul and Latin instrumentals have kept my toes tapping for weeks.


New music

Geez, the mailbox has been pretty twangy lately…

Drinking Dark WhiskeyThe SteelDrivers

A bunch of seasoned, road tested Nashville studio vets with a shared love of bluegrass, The SteelDrivers have an interesting take on a pretty traditional genre: eschewing the high lonesome cliche in favor of a bluesy Muscle Shoals soul vocal sound. The playing is stellar and the songwriting is not your standard “pig in a pen” fare. Their self titled debut is out on Rounder Records.

The SteelDrviers on MySpace

Don’t Send Me RosesChris Unck And The Black Roses

Sticking with the firewater theme, Chris Unck wants to continue imbibing the amber fluid in the afterlife, imploring his successors to “make sure that you bury me with my mouth wide open/you can pour that whiskey down on my grave”. Country Roads And Love, the debut by these folky Southern rockers from Atlanta, came out on Lower 40 a couple weeks ago.

The WarThe Whipsaws

Speaking of Southern rock, a big reason I’m sorry I’m not headed down to Austin for SXSW (unlike seemingly every other blogger on the planet) is that I’ll miss The Whipsaws. The second record from these youthful Anchorage roots rockers is called 60 Watt Avenue and it’s on Shut Eye. Killer crunchy guitars with thought provoking lyrics like the track above that addresses the current conflict from a poignant, personal point of view. Imagine The Drive By Truckers were from Alaska instead of Athens, GA and listened to early Neil Young instead of Lynyrd Skynyrd and you get the idea…

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The mp3s on this blog are to give folks a little taste. Imagine they're those little pouches on the bag your Sunday paper comes in. You know, the one's with a packet containing just enough toothpaste to brush your teeth once or twice. They are left up for a limited time. If you find something you like support the artists by dragging your friends to their shows and/or buying their CDs/records/schwag. If you are the artist (or their label/representative) and don't want an mp3 on here, please email me (mike@nowhearthismusic.com) and I'll remove it posthaste.
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